Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

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fasades and walls of а building

vapor permeable material with thixotropic agents. Designed for complex isolation of vertical surfaces of different shapes and configurations. Reduces heat loss of building structures, facades and internal wall surfaces, protecting them from condensation. Effectively eliminates freezing and cold bridges.


multipurpose insulating material having a wide range of applications. Used for complex thermal insulation and corrosion protection of pipelines (steam lines) and elements of pipeline systems, industrial, boiler and storage equipment with heat carrier temperature up to +150°C, in the peak mode up to +170°C. 


special insulation material with flame retardant additives for structures with high requirements for fire safety, heat carrier temperature up to +150°C, in the peak mode up to +170°C. Does not support burning process.

high temperature

insulating material based on silicon, intended for use on high temperature surfaces. Can be used for thermal insulation of steam lines, chimneys and gas flues, industrial equipment for various purposes with heat carrier temperature up to + 700°C, in the peak mode up to +800°C (when using Isollat-Effect combined coating).

innovative material for thermal insulation of facades with photocatalysis effect. Under influence of ultraviolet radiation and moisture, hydrogen peroxide is released, which "cleans" facade systems from organic compounds. It is used in reconstruction of architectural monuments and facades of complex shapes and configurations.


multipurpose insulating material with cold-resistant components. Can be transported and used in negative ambient temperatures.

combined heat-insulating material (Isollat 02 and Isollat 04 brands are used together with glass cloth or ceramic fiber) widely used for applying on pipelines and process equipment with high surface temperatures.


Fire retardant material "Isollat-05" is designed to increase the fire resistance of load-bearing steel structures of buildings and structures at industrial, warehouse and civil facilities, including administrative, food, cultural, educational, shopping and entertainment facilities, as well as energy and mining facilities.

All types of Isollat coatings include special nanostructured additives, providing high quality, seismic resistance, corrosion protection and good adhesion to all materials. 

The finished coating can be used at ambient temperatures from 60°C to +60°C, at objects with heat carrier temperature up to + 150°C (Isollat-04 up to + 500ºC), without loosing useful properties for more than 10 years.