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Fire retardant material Isollat -05


"Isollat-05" is a suspension of fillers and fire retardants in a water-based polymer composition, swelling when exposed to high temperatures.

The fire retardant properties of "Isollat-05" coating are determined by the certificates of conformity and test reports issued by accredited certification bodies and testing centers in the manner prescribed by law.

To give decorative properties and increase weather resistance, it is recommended to apply pentaphthalic, urethane-alkyd and vinyl chloride enamels over the fire retardant coating.

Purpose and scope

The Isollat-05 fire retardant coating is designed to increase the fire resistance of load-bearing steel structures of buildings and structures at industrial, warehouse and civil facilities, including administrative, food, cultural, educational, shopping and entertainment facilities, as well as energy and mining facilities.

The coating fully complies with the technical regulations on fire safety requirements (Federal Law of 22.07.2008 No. 123-FZ), Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union "On Requirements for Means of Ensuring Fire Safety and Fire Fighting" and GOST R 53295-2009 “Fire protection means for steel structures. General requirements. Method for determining fire retardant efficiency. " Provides a fire resistance limit of 15, 60, 90, 120 minutes (4th, 3rd, 2nd groups of fire retardant efficiency according to GOST R 53295-2009).

Operating conditions of the coating: indoors at an air temperature from + 5 ° C to + 45 ° C (for a short time up to + 80 ° C) and relative humidity up to 90% in the absence of condensation, contact with liquids and aggressive media.

The service life is up to 20 years.

Recommendations for the operation of the coating in conditions of contact with an open atmosphere or aggressive media are given by the technologists of Special Technologies LLC.





white, light gray, shade

Mass fraction of non-volatile substances


not less than 65%



1,3 kg/l
Drying time of the 1st layer to degree 3, at a temperature

+ 20 ° C for at least 2 hours

+ 5 ° C for at least 4 hours

The thickness of the paint layer applied for 1 tech. passage by airless spray (wet), at a temperature of (+ 20 ± 0.5) ° C


 no more than 1 mm

Dry coating appearance


matte finish

Coating color


white, light gray

Provided fire resistance


R30, R60, R90, R120


Dry coating thickness applied for 1 tech. Passage by airless spray, at a temperature of (+ 20 ± 0.5) ° C up to 1 mm

Consumption and fire retardant efficiency


Practical coverage may vary depending on application conditions, equipment settings selected, design complexity, surface preparation, and other factors.