Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Arabic speaking Countries choose quality and honesty! Isollat was presented at the largest conference IREEC 2023 in Iran.

      Iran's largest energy efficiency event, the IREEC 2023 exhibition and conference, organized by the Ministry of Petroleum and Sharif Energy Research Institute in partnership with associations in the energy sector, was held in Tehran from August 14-15, 2023.
The aim of this international event was to encourage private and public sector investments in energy efficiency, especially in industry and construction. A striking example of a product capable of solving complex problems in the field of resource conservation was the liquid ceramic coating "Isollat", which was presented at our booth by our official representatives and long-standing partners.
      When we talk about energy efficiency, we mean saving of energy resources and costs necessary for uninterrupted functioning of technological processes at production facilities, maintaining comfortable climatic conditions in buildings and structures, ensuring reduction of heat losses during transportation and storage of petroleum products and many other things. The use of innovative insulation methods allows solving a wide range of problems in this area.
       For more than 20 years, our company has been helping businesses around the world to save resources and tangibly improve energy efficiency. More than 3000 companies are already using innovative Isollat coatings!
      One of the best examples of Isollat coating application in Iran is the thermal insulation of autoclaves at Behdash Chemical Company, the largest chemical plant in Iran. As a result of the large-scale project it was possible to achieve 85% reduction of heat losses.
And 6-year operation of this object proved the high efficiency of "Isolatt-effect 200" in thermal insulation of objects with high temperatures subjected to vibration loads and centrifugal torsion.
       The most difficult operating conditions at this object, such as high temperatures, squally wind, sand storms, temperature fluctuations and precipitation did not have a destructive effect on the coating, the object is operated in normal mode and continues to save up to 1000$ to the customer every day.
       The appearance of our products at such large-scale events as IREEC 2023, gives the target audience the opportunity to learn about the advanced technologies, innovations and achievements in the field of thermal insulation coatings of our production. Interested customers share their experience and needs, and in return receive unique solutions for boiling, sometimes incredibly complex problems.
       The specialists of our company firmly believe that there are no unsolvable problems, so we always find individual solutions for each project!
That is why the number of our satisfied customers is constantly growing, and our company is steadily increasing export volumes all over the world and, in parallel, is associated with quality, reliability and uniqueness!
       We thank all our partners for their active participation in the development of the brand and the formation of an honest name both in Russia and abroad!