Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Isollat at the Iranian chemical plant

Iran's largest chemical plant Behdash Chemical Company has completed a project for thermal insulation of autoclaves using "Isollat-04" and "Isollat-02". Combined heat-insulation coating under "Isollat-Effect 200" technology was applied in accordance with thermal-technical calculations, recommendations and instructions developed by "Special Technologies".

Coating of autoclaves according to "Isollat-effect 200" technology allowed:

- Ensure compliance with the regulatory surface temperatures;

- reduce heat losses by more than 85%;

- ensure safe operation of the technically complex facility.

- provide an aesthetic appearance with protection from possible destructive factors of influence.

No similar material used before could withstand vibration, physical, atmospheric and anthropogenic loads of such level. The two-year operation of the completed facility proved the high effectiveness of "Isolatt-Effect 200" in insulating high-temperature objects subjected to vibration loads and centrifugal torsion.

So far unique experience for Iran, other companies of this country, including oil and gas sector, plan to adopt it.