Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Isollat in Iran

 For several years, insulation coating Isollat is actively developing in Iran. Our partners and official representatives are constantly working to develop, promote, advertise and perform work in this country. Insulating material Isollat proved its effectiveness in many countries of the world. And We are very happy that Iran has become one of these countries. One of the last objects made by our exclusive representatives were Behdash chemical plant objects located in Gazvin city, Iran. The objects were made according to the technology of Isolate effect.
Insulation:collectors of steaam distribution net of plant
8 bar pressure 180c
Insulated surface:150 -170
After insulation 40-45c
One rotary high pressreotuclve for silicate sodium plant:diameter 2meter length 12 meter
Surface temperature 150
After insulation 40-45
After insulation:
25% of production upgraded
Decreasing production cost
Energy consevation:steam and electrical
Quality of production
Decreasing weight of rotary otuclav is 1000kg
Production Labour s satisfied


Pouladpousheh co
Energy saving department
Manager: Hassan Bonyadi

Other photos are available here: http://www.izollat.com/objects/teploizolyatsiya-promyshlennogo-oborudovaniya/