Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Isollat in the information magazine "Korabel.ru"

Liquid ceramic thermal insulation "Isollat" has a wide range of applications. In particular, it has proven itself well in the construction and repair of ships as an anti-condensate, heat, vibration, noise insulation material. Important advantages of "Isollat-02" in this industry are: low weight of the coating and the ease of application on any surface.

Recently "Isollat" insulating coatings were included into the list of materials for shipbuilding in Russia, the list was published in the Korabel.ru magazine No.1 (59), April 2023. "Isollat" is presented as ecologically safe, patented, thin heat insulating (anticondensate) coating of domestic design with international confirmation of conformity to РМРС, Wheel Mark, TURK LOYDU. You can also find an information block on our materials in the magazine.

A great number of vessels all over the world have been built, modified and repaired using "Isollat. Among them: the most advanced fishing trawlers, oil tankers, dry-cargo ships, tourist liners and even the Turkish unmanned surface platforms MARLIN. At the moment our company is negotiating with Russian shipbuilding and ship-repair plants to use the material in the construction of modern ships, increasing the sales volume in this industry and maintaining a consistently high quality of products.