Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Isollat ​​is actively used in the construction of ships for the needs of Okeanrybflot, which are being built at the Turkish shipyard Tersan.

At the Tersan shipyard (Turkey), on June 12, 2020, the first super trawler for Okeanrybflot, named Georgy Meshcheryakov, was launched.
The ship is 108 meters long and 20 meters wide and is equipped with high-tech equipment that can operate even in winter conditions and Arctic waters.
During the construction of the vessel, the Isollat-02 thermal insulation material was actively used. "Isollat-02" - fully complies with the international marine equipment directive, which is confirmed by a specialized certificate MED (Marine Equipment Directive). The use of this material allows to provide high-quality thermal insulation of equipment, metal structures and pipelines corresponding to high modern requirements for resistance to aggressive environments, operational safety, combustibility and environmental safety.
A new generation fishing vessel with an operating speed of 16 nautical miles and a capacity of 150 people will provide its crews and factory workers with first-class comfort conditions. “Every day, using 12 processing lines that are specially designed for processing various types of fish and installed in the factory zone, 450 tons of fish can be processed. From the point of view of environmental friendliness, there will be practically zero waste here, ”the representative of the Turkish shipyard emphasized.
Okeanrybflot JSC is one of the largest fishing enterprises in the Far East and Russia as a whole.