Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

LLC "Special Technologies" - 21 years!

    21 years ago our company started its difficult way of formation with small-scale production of an invented product and over these 20 years it has grown to the international market. A significant event for us was recently receiving the "Exporter of the Year 2023 in the Urals Federal District" award as a gift and a reward for our many years of responsible labor, persistent maintenance of high quality standards of products and conscientious attitude to our partners.

    Today our company has about 100 representatives in Russia and EAEU countries, and in more than 60 countries we have official permanent international partners. We have about 10 000 successfully completed projects on thermal insulation of objects: industry, oil refining and storage, shipbuilding, heat carriers, housing and utilities and power facilities. These are hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

    General Director of the company, Belyaev Vitaly Stepanovich, has 8 patents for inventions, which have been successfully implemented in the production of LLC "Spectech". We are engaged in the development, production and realization of unique products, constantly improving them, collecting feedback and maintaining close partnerships with customers. Our approach is based on three pillars: honesty to ourselves, honesty to the customer and honesty to our partners. Based on this foundation, we build our reputation and ensure stable growth of the company.

    The first product of the company - Isollat thermal insulation material - is the only such product that has internationally accepted ecological certification in Russia STO-56171713-021-2019. Constant confirmation of product quality and safety is a guarantee for our customers and an important part of our work.

    In recent years, LLC "Spectech" is engaged not only in innovative thermal insulation coatings, but also works for the benefit of the Russian metallurgical foundry industry, producing unique innovative environmentally safe non-stick coatings CastCoat LF and Metcast series.

    We continue to maintain high standards of product quality and direct, trusting contacts with customers, despite changes in market conditions and fluctuations in international currencies. We plan to work and develop at the set pace, thanks to partners and buyers of our products.