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Result of Isollat coating operation in South Korea

     One of the main principles of our company's work is quality control of the full cycle of products: from the development stage to service support during the operation of coatings.
Recently, our South Korean partners shared the results of 40 months of operation of feed tanks at a cattle farm. These storages are insulated using Isollat liquid thermal insulation coating.
     One of the most common problems on livestock farms is the formation of cold bridges and condensation inside the feed tanks and, as a result, the appearance of mold in the feed. Liquid-ceramic coating helped to significantly increase the shelf life of storage in a usable condition. It has reduced the temperature and humidity inside the tanks while maintaining their original appearance and can continue to be used without the need for restoration for at least 8 more years.
     Spheres of application of Isollat coating are extremely diverse. Ease of application on any  type of surface, thinness of coating and physical and mechanical properties make our coating a universal solution for the most difficult tasks. We are always grateful to our customers for their feedback, it is of great importance for maintaining consistently high quality of our products.

Raw material surface temperature in the tank without Izollat coating / with Isollat coating


Tank appearance after 40 months of operation