Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Training on the work with Isollat in Thailand

As part of the development of the Asia-Pacific region, training on the work with liquid-ceramic thermal insulation coating " Isollat" was conducted for the next potential distributor.
The training took place from June 20 to 22, 2024 in Bangkok (Kingdom of Thailand). During the training our partners learned the theoretical basis of Isollat coating application, as well as the skills of manual and hardware application of the whole line of materials. Future distributors have mastered not only theoretical and practical parts, but also studied the basic methods of control of the results obtained after the application of thermal insulation coating " Isollat".
Promotion of our products in the regions of South-East Asia is due to the significant potential of this market, as well as genuine interest from partners and end customers.
We express our gratitude for the work done and organization of the event to our key partner in this region, CNT company, as well as personally to its head Woojun CHOI.