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World Eco Label Day & ISOLLAT

Eco-labeling is a simple and reliable way to live a sustainable life. When buying products with this label, consumers can be sure that they are making choices with care for themselves and the environment. This is because ecolabels are awarded only to products that are independently tested.

What is eco-labeling? (video)

There are about 30 life cycle ecolabels in the world that are members of the Global Ecolabels Association (GEN). In Russia it is “Leaf of Life”. In 2019, our company passed eco-certification and received the right to use this mark.

The products manufactured at our enterprise are widely used abroad, therefore we pay special attention to the issues of releasing our products in accordance with international environmental standards. Indeed, in many countries, environmental safety is one of the main criteria in the choice of thermal insulation material.

By purchasing our thermal insulation materials, you can be sure of their environmental friendliness and safety. These materials fully comply with high international requirements and have no analogues in terms of safety and environmental performance.

Choosing eco-labeled products will support responsible producers and help companies conserve the planet's resources.

You can check if a product meets high environmental standards using the free Ecolabel Guide app. Just point your smartphone camera at the sign, and the application will give information about it.

Celebrate with us - take photos, share eco-labeled products on social media, and hashtags #WorldEcolabelDay #ChooseEcolabels #LifeLife.

The future of the planet is in everyone's hands!