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Insulation of Hangars and Garages

Hangars are special rooms with a wide range of applications.They can be warehouses, car-care centers, production shops, shopping centers. 

Hangars are very popular these days. This is due to features of construction: they are made of thin galvanized steel and do not require foundation, they are quick to assemble and can be erected on any ground. 

Their main disadvantages: significant heat loss in winter and high costs of ventilation and air conditioning during summer.

These features can also be extended to metal garages, which are widespread in cities and are very popular. 

The use of liquid Isollat insulation when insulating hangars and garages can significantly reduce heat transfer from steel profiled structures, protect them from negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent condensation, which in winter becomes ice. The problem of metal doors freezing is also eliminated.

In summer, using Isollat coating significantly reduces costs for air conditioning and ventilation, creates comfortable environment for people working, and prevents materials and equipment inside hangars and garages from overheating.

Anticorrosion additives introduced into Isollat coating prolong service life of steel structures.

The main advantages of using Isollat liquid insulation when insulating hangars and garages are:

  • resistance to adverse effects of ultraviolet rays;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • simplicity of use: the coating is applied by brush, spatula, and sprayed using powerful high pressure units, if necessary;
  • it lasts long - more than 10 years;
  • prevents condensation on cold metal surfaces;
  • color matching is possible.