Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Heat insulation of cars

When the first frost comes, car owners face a problem to start the engine. The car engine often does not want to start.  In this situation, the solution is to insulate freezing parts of the car (the hood, the case). Of course, insulation will not make the engine warm up faster, but it will cool down slower even in the most severe frosts. 

What are the problems which can be fixed through thermal insulation of the car?

  1. decrease in heat loss by the engine when the engine is off;
  2. excessive wear of parts;
  3. unstable engine operation (fuel at low temperatures can not effectively vaporize in the combustion chamber).

One of the ways to slow the engine cooling is the use of Isollat liquid ceramic insulation coating for insulation of the hood and the case of the car. Due to this, time between the car's warm-up significantly increases, fuel consumption is reduced. 

Isollat coating has also sound insulating properties that reduce noise from the engine. 

Isollat coating is often used for Insulation of internal surfaces of vehicles intended for driving in winter. This significantly increases temperature inside the passenger and cargo compartment, consumption of fuel used for heating is reduced. Small coating thickness (1-2 mm) allows saving interior space, and the fact that the material is environmentally friendly distinguishes it from traditional insulation used for this task (mineral wool, polystyrene). 

The main advantages of Isollat heat insulation material:

  • it is liquid;
  • it is thin (1-3 mm);
  • it is easy to apply it;
  •  it fits closely to the insulated surface;
  • it lasts long - more than 10 years;
  • it significantly slows down the engine freezing;
  • it reduces noise from the engine operation.