Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Heat insulation of facades

Heat insulation of facades is an important stage of construction, which allows reducing consumption of energy and creating comfortable temperature conditions inside the premises for various purposes.  Exactly at this stage of construction work it is important to choose the right insulation material. 

Isollat liquid insulation is an effective material for facades. Elastic coating of small thickness (0.5 - 3 mm) securely protects the surface from negative effects of external factors (including UV); it also prevents heat loss and makes facades look nice and attractive. 
The main advantages of using Isollat liquid insulation for thermal insulation of facades of houses and buildings:

  • - simplicity of use: 
    Isollat coating can be applied by usual brush, spatula, and sprayed using airless spraying units; 
    - coating can be carried out without scaffolding
    - simplicity of using the material even during difficult restoration work at complex configuration objects, monuments of architecture;    
  • short turnaround time;
  • as a rule, all work takes not more than 2-3 days;
  • it is environmentally friendly: completely harmless to human health;
  • expenses for heating and conditioning of premises are reduced; 
    - Using Isollat coating for thermal insulation of facades of buildings, houses significantly reduces walls freezing, as well as mold and fungi on the inside surface of walls;
    - Using Isollat coating for thermal insulation of walls creates temperature comfortable for living.
      In the winter it saves heating energy by about 25-30%, in summer it reduces ventilation and air-conditioning costs;
  • it lasts long - more than 10 years;
  • small coating thickness; Unlike usual thermal insulation materials, Isollat coating does not make wall structures heavier;
  • color matching is possible;
  • reduced capital and operating costs for maintenance of facades;
  • eliminates "cold bridges" from temperature changes:
    Isollat liquid heat insulation is an effective way to eliminate "cold bridges" that appear due to improper design and installation errors, which can not be achieved using usual insulating materials.
  • protects facade structures from ultraviolet.

Basically, for outer insulation of facades, Isollat 01 type of coating with thixotropic agents is used.  Thickness of each coating layer is 1-2 mm, which eliminates the need for carrying out works in several stages with the obligatory drying out until the completion of polymerization of each layer. Due to this, time of application of the heat insulation is much less, the surface treated is of much better quality, natural factors (rain, dew, etc.) cannot affect it so much any more. 

For thermal insulation of facades under highly negative impact of urban environment (emissions of vehicles, industrial emissions, etc.), Isollat-NANO coating with photocatalysis effect is used.