Heat insulation of any surface Insulating paint

Heat Insulation of Metal Structures

In modern construction, metal structures are used widely, especially in construction of prefabricated structures with a metal frame. 

Usually, these metal structures become the so-called "cold bridges" - low temperature conductors. They cause condensation and freezing of the walls, leading to destruction of the facade. 

Thermal insulation of metal structures with traditional materials can not achieve the required efficiency: the structure has complex configuration and limited mounting options.
Using Isollat coatings for insulation of metal structures due to its liquid consistency allows easy application onto any form of metal structure, protecting them from negative influence of external factors (changes in temperature, humidity, etc.). The coating composition includes special anti-corrosion additives which extend the life of metal structures.

Possibility of tinting expands the scope of the heat insulation: Isollat material can be used not only in construction but also in reconstruction of buildings.

The main advantages of Isollat coating:

  •  easy application and high speed of works. The coating should be applied with a brush, spatula or special high pressure painting units;
  • low thickness. Working coating layer is 1.5-2 mm;
  • snug fit to the insulating surfaces, preventing "cold bridges";
  • corrosion protection of steel structures;
  • color matching is possible;
  • it lasts long - more than 10 years.