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Insulation of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes, building cabins, mobile and prefabricated industrial buildings are buildings designed to provide comfortable living conditions for working teams in the field, as well as in the Far North. Therefore, insulation in them should be effective at very low ambient temperatures. 

Isollat liquid insulation is a convenient solution for insulating interior walls of mobile homes and building cabins. Thin liquid-ceramic coating fills complex configuration of the insulated surface, preventing "cold bridges", greatly reducing heat transfer of metal structures and giving the opportunity to save valuable space needed for staff accommodation. Isollat coating can be used successfully in combination with other insulating materials (mineral wool, polystyrene, etc.), eliminating their disadvantages: loose fixing to the surface, joints between plates, release of harmful substances for human health.

The main advantages of using Isollat liquid insulation for mobile homes are:

  • designed for use in harsh environments with temperatures below zero;
  • vapor permeability;
  • it fits closely to the insulated surface;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • simplicity of use: the coating is applied by brush, spatula, and sprayed using airless spraying units;
  • it lasts long - more than 10 years;
  • color matching is possible.

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